Issara was born from the frustrating search for a minimalist, high quality leather bag that didn’t cost the earth. A serendipitous foray into a small Javanese leather workshop in 2014 led to our founder’s back-of-napkin sketches being brought to life by skilled craftsmen using time-honoured techniques. Thus began the Issara journey.

MISSION | To create minimalist leather goods that last, are fairly priced and benefit our artisan communities.

Marry the unparalleled skill of master artisans with the finest materials and the result is exquisite – minimalist, highly functional pieces for travel and work that last the distance. The antithesis of fast fashion, we eschew mass-production in favour of a curated, personalised collection that is crafted on demand. We are not for the masses; rather choosing to appeal to those discerning few who seek quality and substance over inflated brand names.

CRAFTSMANSHIP | To make our dream a reality we sought out communities with a rich heritage in leather production and workmanship. Our travels brought us to Central Java and Eastern India where two workshops were selected out of hundreds to handcraft our premium leather goods. Here, we handpicked individuals with intimate knowledge of old-world leather working techniques. Each Issara creation is hand drafted, cut, sewn and burnished in these workshops by artisans with decades of experience. Modern, considered designs are combined with traditional knowhow to create effortless luxury.

PREMIUM MATERIALS | For a product to last a lifetime, you need to begin with premium materials. The leather at the heart of our collection is custom-developed using the finest quality hides from the same tanneries supplying luxury Italian brands. Full grain leather is exquisite to touch and has a character of its own. It ages gracefully and develops a rich patina, hinting at its unique journey. Our bags are crafted from a combination of luxurious twill, polished hardware and smooth Japanese zippers. Every aspect has been carefully considered to create a product that only gets better with age.

MINIMALIST DESIGN | Each piece is designed in-house in London with a focus on clean lines and high functionality. Our products will never be cluttered by garish logos – we let the premium materials and masterful craftsmanship speak for themselves.

ETHICS | Social responsibility is a key part of our business ethos. We believe that happy people make quality products, and that commerce can result in significant positive impact for communities. This isn’t just charity – it also makes good business sense. Read more here.

THE DIFFERENCE | By circumventing large factories, designing in-house and cutting out middlemen, we’re able to deliver premium, personalised pieces at a fraction of the expected price. We choose to do business sustainably and empower local communities in the process.